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Indigoblue Capital Corporation is an alternative investment firm built on a foundation of ethics and integrity. We work with our clients collaboratively to uncover investment solutions with a strong emphasis on ‘risk adjusted’ returns. We provide access to alternative investment opportunities not available to an average investor through traditional investing channels.

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  • We uncover investment opportunities that are not typically available through traditional investment channels

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  • We conduct due diligence on companies and evaluate investment opportunities to understand business models, risks & returns

  • We analyze investor profiles to better understand their risk propensity and profiles  

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  • Based on our analysis, we match qualified investors with investment opportunities that are suitable for them

  • We help investors achieve mutually established objectives

Our Values

Our values
  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity

  • Treat investors with respect

  • Conduct thorough product and investor due diligence 

  • Accountability to all stakeholders

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